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‘Fox & Sons’ Oak Brewery at Green Street Green closed down in 1908 and ‘The Old Jail’ was one of their properties sold by auction on 15th June 1909. This picture, taken around that time, shows that the inn was formerly a pair of cottages and still had their two front doors. The origin of the name is uncertain, but probably refers back to a time, long ago, when prisoners being taken from London to Maidstone Jail were accommodated there overnight. The recent photograph below looks as though it was taken just a few years after, very little has changed.

John Nelson

Above photo circa 1900, taken from http://www.bigginhill-history.co.uk. Tony Lewis

Above photo circa 2013.

Above photo circa 1900.

This image shows a large crowd of people gathering for a very special event at the Jail. I cannot, unfortunately, tell you what the event was or who any of the people are. Do you know?

Above photo circa 1900.

Old Jail Inn

Above photo circa 2013.

Above photo 1950.

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